Book Review: Maverick and Me by Katherine Schwarzenegger + Interview with Katherine

I received a copy of Maverick and Me from Worthy Publishing as a member of the Maverick and Me Launch Team. Katherine was kind enough to take a couple of minutes during one of her singing to briefly chat with me. Be sure to scroll down for my interview with Katherine. BE AWARE: THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.


Summery: In the heartwarming story of Maverick and Me, Maverick is rescued by a kind-hearted stranger after being dumped on the side of the road. The little puppy’s luck takes a turn for the better when young Scarlett meets him at an adoption event. Scarlett is so moved by Maverick’s story that she and her mother decide to give him the forever home he is looking for. Each year, millions of dogs find themselves in shelters and with animal rescues through no fault of their own. Maverick will help teach children about these dogs and empower even young readers to advocate for shelter pups.

Review: Maverick and Me is an adorable story of pet adoption. What I loved most was that Katherine used the story of her own rescue dog, Maverick, as the inspiration for the story.

5676f9_e4854e068ba142988eeec94c426991f6~mv2_d_1888_1327_s_2As a dog lover, and advocate of #adoptdontshop, I loved the idea that the book teaches children the importance of adopting animals.
While the story is fairly simple (after all it is a children’s book), about a rescue dog, Maverick, being adopted and finding his forever home, it is a great book. The illustrations were done by Phyllis Harris and were such a great addition to the story.

While Maverick and Me is a children’s book the heartwarming story along with5676f9_556b79fc0a444dc1826988edd44e7287~mv2_d_1861_1705_s_2 the beautiful illustrations makes this the perfect story for children, adults and animal lovers alike.

Interview with Katherine Schwarzenegger

Q: You said you wrote this book to get people into pet adoption. How did you get into adopting?
A: I’ve always been a huge animal lover. My sister and I fostered some puppies a couple of years ago and it was such an incredible and rewarding experience for me. I saw how kids reacted to it and I wanted to write this book. After I got Maverick I saw how kids responded to him and meeting him and the fact that you could get an animal that came with a story was so cool for a lot of kids. So I wanted to write the book to teach kids about animal rescue so when the time comes for them to get their first pet they might tell their parents to take them to a shelter instead of a pet store.
Q: what was the process like for writing this book?
A: Since I’ve done my first two books before I worked with my book agent and we just went around and pitched the idea to a bunch of people. I did a bunch of different drafts of the book because there are certain words that you use for children that you don’t use as adults. That was really interesting and fun and I had a really good time writing the book. Obviously part of it is based off my own experience with having my dog Maverick.
Q: Your an ambassador for the ASPCA. How did you get into that role and start working with them?
A: When I adopted Maverick I literally just started working with ASPCA and then became an ambassador for a lot of their programs and stuff like that.



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