Caitlin Leahy Interview

If your a Sylvia Day fan like I am you too are anxiously awaiting the release of Afterburn/Aftershock on PassionFlix. In anticipation of Afterburn/Aftershock coming to PassionFlix this Friday (November 3) I wanted to share my interview with Caitlin Leahy (Gia).

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How did you get into acting? I like to say I was born acting. There wasn’t a single
moment that I decided to become an actor. Doing something else never crossed my mind. As the middle of five children I had typical “Middle Child Syndrome”. I was always full of energy and putting on some sort of show for my family. My mother put me in acting classes around the age of twelve. I performed in school plays in grade school and high school, which ultimately led me to study theater in college.

Along with acting you also model. Leahy_CaitlinHow did you get into that? I moved to Los Angeles shortly after theater school, and fell into modeling. It’s a fun way to earn a living, and it’s allowed me to travel to beautiful places. I’mfortunate to have the opportunity to model, but my passion lies with acting.

You play Gia in the PassionFlix adaptation of Sylvia Day’s Afterburn/Aftershock. How did you get involved? I first got the audition for Afterburn/Aftershock when I was out of town on a modeling job. I put the audition on tape in my hotel room and then had a couple follow up auditions with our director, Tosca Musk.


Did you read Afterburn/Aftershock before filming? Yes, I read Afterburn/Aftershock once I officially booked the role of Gia.

What was your favorite part of filming Afterburn/Aftershock? The fans. Before we even started filming, there

FullSizeRender 44was so much excitement from the fans for this film. It gave us a lot of energy on set, and we knew we couldn’t let them down.

What is your favorite scene from Afterburn/Aftershock? Tyler and I had a lot of laughs while filming all of our scenes, but I particularly loved filming with the Rossi brothers. They added a lot of humor to the family dynamic, and made our long days a breeze.

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If you could play any role in a book to film adaptation who would you choose? Nothing comes to mind because I tend to read books after it has already been adapted into a film. I’m on the hunt for a good book. Suggestions are welcome.


What is your favorite social media app (Facebook, Instagram, etc)? I prefer Snapchat, because the filters are so fun.
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What do you do when you’re not working? If I’m not on set, I’m usually working on auditions. Being a working actor is a privilege. I enjoy what I do so much that it doesn’t feel like work. I’m happiest when I’m on set or surrounded by my family.

What other projects (beside Afterburn/Aftershock) do you have coming out or are currently working on? I recently wrapped on another film called Samson that we shot in South Africa. It will be in theaters sometime in 2018.

If you were a Bravo Housewife what would your tagline be? Ooooh I steer clear of the housewives shows. I think someone else will have to come up with a tagline for me.

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Heels or Flats? Booties or mules. I like a little height, but can’t commit to a full heel.
City or Country? City….Definitely.
Cat or Dog? Dog
Makeup or Natural? Natural, but on occasion a little winged liner and a red lip doesn’t hurt.


Be Sure To Follow Caitlin on Social Media:

Instagram: @ciatlinleahy

Twitter: @thecaitlinleahy

Snapchat: @caitlinleahy

and be sure to watch Afterburn/Aftershock this Friday on PassionFlix


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