Audrey Carlan Interview

I discovered Audrey Carlan’s Calendar Girl series a while ago and have been introduced to her brand new series, Lotus House. I was lucky enough to have been able to meet Audrey at last years RT Convention in Las Vegas. So I was so excited when I got the chance to interview her. Scroll below to read the interview with Audrey.


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  1. Your Calendar Girl series is being called the “next Fifty Shades of Grey”. What is it like to have your books compared to such a global phenomenon?

It is such an honor. I haven’t made it a secret that 50 Shades of Grey and EL James the woman inspired me to take the plunge and pen my first novel. So for me to be compared anywhere near the amazing series or the author is such a gift.

  1. Where did the idea for Calendar Girl come from?

Honestly, I just wanted a break from the emotional trilogy I had just completed. I wanted to write a fun and sassy girl that women everywhere could connect to.

  1. How did you come up with the idea for your Lotus House series?

It’s based on the chakral system and the art of yoga. During my studying to become a Registered Yoga Teacher, we spent a lot of time studying the chakras and how they affect our lives. While in class, I would pen notes about characters experiencing things. I’m always inspired by life being lived around me. I spent 18 months in training so it was a natural progression for the art to bleed into my writing.

  1. The Lotus House series revolves around a yoga studio. Do you yourself practice yoga?

Yes, absolutely. I actually taught weekly up until recently when I suffered a yoga related injury. Lesson learned…focus all of your attention on the act when attempting advanced poses unassisted. <grin> I’ve mostly healed now and am starting the practice once more.

  1. What is your writing process?

Just give me a quiet room that doesn’t have my two boys interrupting me every five seconds and the magic will happen! I’m not a plotter by nature so I just sit down and start writing whatever attracts my muse.

  1. What comes first: the story or the character?

Really interesting question and not an easy one for me to answer because I’m usually hit with one or the other, and sometimes if I’m lucky, both at the same time! The story and the characters though both evolve as I sit down and write. It’s an organic natural process for me that I can’t force. It just has to happen.

  1. What writers have inspired your own writing?

So many! Initially it was EL James. Then once I read 50 Shades twice through back to back, I read Sylvia Day’s Crossfire. After that I was introduced to my favorite author Kristen Ashley’s work. I’d love to say my own style is a cross between Sylvia Day’s heat level, Kristen Ashley’s casual chill writing style, EL James depth of plot, and maybe some funk from Christina Lauren. Really though, I don’t usually compare myself to other authors because we’re all such unique voices.

  1. You’re a working mom. How do you balance your writing with raising your kids?

It’s not easy. For any working mother, you have to find ways to be present for your children, take care of their needs, your husbands needs, and your own. For an author, we have to also be available to our fans, publishing houses, colleagues (other authors), as well as carve out writing and marketing our books time. I think every week is different. Some weeks I get a lot of writing done, others it’s a wash. Usually I write when the kids are at school or when they’ve completed their homework and are just chilling out playing videogames or watching a show.

  1. What is a typical day like for you?

Oh my God. I’m so boring! I get up at 6:30, get the kids up, fed, lunches, and ready for school. Then I drive them to school and walk them into their class. I go home, eat breakfast and usually do my social media for a couple hours. Then I go back to the school to pick up my Kindergartener, make him lunch and then write or complete interviews, packages, or whatever else my team tells me I need to do. Then I’m off to the school again to pick up my 4th grader, come home and spend two hours doing homework with both of them, then respond to email maybe write if I’m lucky for an hour or two before making dinner, doing dishes, getting the boys bathed and the off to bed. Then I may write or read, spend time with my hubby until around 11 or 12 before I hit the hay. See, BORING! Bet you wished you didn’t ask!

  1. What are you reading right now?

I’m hooked on Suzanne Wright’s paranormal shifter series right now. I’m on book 5 of the Phoenix pack. I watched a couple episodes of that show Bitten. TV is not a normal thing for me so when I watch something like that and get intrigued, I go search out books in that genre versus continuing to watch the shows. My imagination is far better than TV so I’d rather read than watch.

  1. What are you working on next?

Right now I’m trying to complete the fifth and final book in the Trinity Series called FATE which comes out in April 2017. Then I will be back to writing the Book 4 of the Lotus House Series.


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